8 Wild Birds with Amazing Tails

Birds with Amazing Tails

Wild birds with amazing tails:

Birds come in an impressive number of colors, shapes, and sizes. However, some birds have the beauty that makes them stand out from the crowd, like a champion. Birds tend to amaze us with their capabilities and features every day; whether it is about record-setting flights to growing specialized beaks, they have something to offer to everyone. Tails distinguish the bird from the crowd and make the bird a catch.

Ribbon Tailed Astrapia

The bird is known for its exceptionally long tail. The Ribbon Tailed Astrapia is considered in the species of bird-of-paradise. Besides that, it is famous for its over-the-top plumage. To impress females, the male Ribbon Tailed Astrapia grows two feathers more than three feet in length. Concerning any bird’s body size, the ribbon tailed Astrapia has the most extended tail in the whole world. The bird is mainly located in the western region of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Sadly, the population is near threatened with decreasing population. The locals hunt the bird as its one among the birds with amazing tails.

Marvelous Spatuletail

As the name depicts, it is a marvelous hummingbird kind. The species has set the bar of beautiful tails extremely high due to its beautiful feather design and alignment. The male Spatuletail possesses four tail feathers, in which two are elongated and crossed over each other. The extended tail feather ends in a violet disk. The feathers are used to offer an energetic display. Sadly, one of the birds with amazing tails, the Marvelous Spatuletail is also considered endangered and is only found in Andres of northern Peru.

Marvelous Spatuletail birds with amazing tails
Wilson’s bird-of-paradise

Unlike other birds mentioned in the list, the bird-of-paradise does not possess a long tail. Instead, its tail is rounder. The fancy head of the bird is blue, whereas the bird’s body is red with a hint of black and yellow make it one of the top birds with amazing tails. Both feathers of the tail are curled in the opposite direction. As it is an exotic bird, it is mainly found in Indonesia. The islands that Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is usually found in is Waigeo and Batanta. According to my observation, the blue top of the bird looks like a hat. The bird was first discovered in 1863 by a zoologist named Heinrich Agathon.

Lady Amherst Pheasant

Peasants are the most loved birds in the whole world. Their beautiful feather pattern makes them stand out from the rest of the bird. It is mainly found in China and Myanmar. The bird is found in zoos all over the world. Although the Lady Amherst Pheasant looks like a show bird, it is not easy to spot them in their natural habitat.

The bird loves to live in thick vegetation with thick undergrowth. The male pheasant has a magnificent color pattern containing red, white, blue, and green. When it comes to the tail, the male has a black and white and colored tail, and hence its one of the birds with amazing tails, used by the bird to draw the attention of females while mating.

Taiwan Magpie

It is also called Famosan blue magpie. The bird being one among the birds with amazing tails is considered a member of the crow family. It is indeed much more colorful than their cousins. The bird is found in the group of six, shutting and gliding in the forest. In terms of sound, the bird makes a high-pitched cackling chatter sound just like its cousin.

The bird is well known for its scavenging and hunting abilities. Their diet includes plants, rodents, seeds, and snakes. Their most favorite food is papaya and figs. The peasants are highly intelligent, and they tend to store the food underground while covering it with leaves. The birds are also well known for their excellent nest defense behavior, making them attack intruders without mercy until they retreat.

Long-tailed Whydah

It looks like a sparrow with a more prominent tail making it one of the birds with amazing tails. The attractive feather pattern and long tail make it stand out from the rest of the birds. It is a brood parasitic species making the female lay its eggs in different birds’ nest. These species of birds raise the Whydah Chick as their own; in return, whydah causes the death of that bird’s chicks.

Why is this bird one among the birds with amazing tails? Because, the feather of a male whydah tail can grow three times its body length. However, the tail only supports the birds in the season of breeding. Besides breeding season, the males resemble the female whydah a lot. The bird is mainly found in different regions of Africa. When it comes to food, the whydah birds are classified as granivorous as it only feeds on seeds of a ripened fruit.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

It is commonly known as Texas bird-of-paradise. Both male and female scissor-tailed flycatcher has a long tail. However, the tails of females are about 30 pc shorter than males. These birds with amazing tails generally like to perch in the open like at barb-wired fences. The flycatcher can easily be sighted due to their long tails. It is also famous for making acrobatic aerial moves while catching insects on its wings for food.

The bird gathers up in large, loud flocks and migrates in winters towards Mexico and Central America. The female flycatcher lays around 3 to 6 eggs that hatch in 22 days. When compared with males, only females blunter in the incubation of the eggs. Both parents provide for the chicks; however, once they hit 17 days of age, they are ready to leave the nest and stay independently.

Long-Tailed Widowbird

The birds get this name due to their all-black and white appearance. About 6 to 12 of the tail feathers grow up to be over 20 inches in this bird due to which its one among the birds with amazing tails. According to the research, males with more extended tales are more likely to get a female partner than males with shorter stories. It is usually found in the Savannah grassland during the summer season.


Birds are the unique creation of almighty; there are many birds. In the feather pattern, sizes, or colors, birds catch the attention immediately. Here we have discussed eight wild birds with birds with amazing tails. Keep in mind that all the birds mentioned above are fantastic and cannot be tamed.

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