9 Catchy Most Strange-Looking Flowers in the World

Most Strange-Looking Flowers

Beauty is a common thing in the world of floristry. Besides that, it inspires us in so many ways. The flower symbolism started from ancient times. It symbolizes morality, affection, love, hate, beauty, and moods. Apart from being beautiful and eye-catching, some flowers are rather strange looking and grasp people’s attention in a second due to their unique outlook.

Here we have discussed the nine most strange-looking flowers in the world.

Happy Alien flower

This rare flower is found in the South American region. The flower is also known as ‘Darwin’s slipping flower’ as Charles Darwin found it in the mid-1800s. It looks like a cheered-up alien with white trays in their hands, hence called one among the most strange-looking flowers. It is usually bloomed in the summer season and has a height of 2 inches with a punch shape. The tray-like part of the happy alien flower has white bands, whereas the upper region is deep red. The pollens are produced in the upper region of the flower and usually gets attached to the bird’s body while feeding nectar.

Swainsona Formosa

This is one among the most strange-looking flowers. It is also known as desert pea and is mainly found in Australia. It blooms in the regions of northwestern and central Australia. When it comes to the length, the dessert pea is about 9cm. The leaves of the flower are blood red. The flower was white originally. However, it has a significant number of hybridized varieties ranging from scarlet to even tricolor variants.

Dessert pea plant blooms to its full zest throughout spring and summer once the rain hit. The flower turns into a fruit that is only 5cm in length containing kidney-shaped seeds. Germination of the seeds of this plant can take years, unlike other flowers making it one amongst most strange-looking flowers.

White egret orchid

Its anatomical name is Pecteilis radiata and is known as one of the most beautiful flowers. Being one of the most strange-looking flowers, the egret orchid is a gorgeous et exotic flower mainly found in various regions of Asia. Other names of the flower are Sagiso and Fringed Orchid. According to the locals, the plant usually blooms with flowers in summer and is covered with alluring white flowers. The form of the flower looks like a flying snowy egret bird. The width of these flowers is only 4 cm. Petals of white egret orchid look like the tail of a bird. The nectary of the flower grows up above the flower and is measured to be about 8 cm.

Corpse Flower

It is formally known as Rafflesia Keithii. However, there is an ongoing debate between the botanist whether the actual corpse flower is Titan Arum or Rafflesia Keithii. It is a rare plant flower that is only found in the rainforests of Indonesia. It is also known as a parasitic organism with no visible leaves, roots, or stem. Some botanists believe that due to its unique structure it is not a flower but a form of fungi.

Along with its vampire-like features, the corpse flower is entitled to be the largest flower in the whole world. Everyone who goes near the flower is advised to stay away from it and not breathe in its scent. hence considered as one of the most strange-looking flowers.

Hooker’s lip flower

The plant name of this flower is Psychotria Elata and is categorized as the most beautiful and unusual flowers of the world. Being one of the most strange-looking flowers, The flower is named in such a way because of the lush red petals that are shaped like luscious lips. It is one of the most kissable flowers in the world. The flower is usually found in the rainforests of Central and South America. The life span of this flower is concise. After that, it transforms into a small white flower from the central large red bracts.

Unfortunately, the hooker’s lip flower was highly affected by deforestation in the last few years. Now you can rarely find it in the regions mentioned above.

Tropical Pitcher plants

These plants are found in different regions of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. There are over 100 types of pitcher plant. The plants do not have petals, contains violet-scent, and have a dull red color. The sweet nectar and alluring scent attract pollinators towards the plant.

The pitcher acts as an endangered trap for small insects like ants. The pitcher contains the fluid of the plant’s production. The plant grows with the aid of moderate to light sunlight along with high humidity. The climbing stem of the plant can grow up to 15 cm or longer. The width of the pitcher is different in other species and hence called as one among the most strange-looking flowers.

Laughing Bumble bee orchid

It is formally known as Bombyliflora flowers that grow perfectly in Turkey, Lebanon, and the Canary Islands. These flowers have a striking resemblance with a female bumblebee with small bronze-colored petals, large lips, and brownish sepal making it one among the most strange-looking flowers. The pollen from the female body is attached to bees and gets settled on the body of the male pollinator for fertilization. It also gets transferred to other pollinators too.

Laughing Bumble bee orchid
Dancing Lady Orchids

The plant, one of the most strange-looking flowers, on which these flowers grow is formally known as Oncidium. The name was suggested for the flower after their distinctively shaped petals. The large lip and small upper part of the flower resembles a dancing woman. The Oncidium plants grow perfectly in the subtropic and tropical region of South America, Mexico, and Central America. The dancing lady orchids are available in the market all year long. On each branch of the plant, almost a dozen flower blooms. Besides that, the flower comes in various colors like red, yellow, white, and even pink.

The swaddled baby orchid

It is also known as anguola uniflora flowers and is found in South America and the Colombian Andes. The flower has an opening in the upper region and an inside that looks like a swaddled child. They are highly fragrant and does not grow more than 10 cm.


Flowers symbolizes a lot of unique things like moods, beauty, and hatred. Here we have discussed nine strange-looking flowers in the world present in various regions of the globe. All the most strange-looking flowers mentioned above contains unique size and shape that makes them stand out from the rest of the orchids in the world. Usually, the exotic flowers grow into one season and can not be founded in other seasons.

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