Know The Death Rate Of Animals


Do you know why the death rate of animals is growing all over the world? There is an end number of reasons for animals that are either dying or are on the verge of extinction. Some of the factors are listed below.

Environmental Factors- Death Rate Of Animals

Death is inevitable. No one, who has walked this planet, can avoid death. But the cruelty lies in the early demise where you die unnaturally. Animals most certainly face their death earlier than humans, and there are multiple reasons for that. When an animal is separated from its habitat (or any place where he has lived the longest), it tends to die early due to environmental change.

There are many noticed cases where pets, when separated from their owner or not treated rightly, tend to affect their mental health. An unhealthy mind of animals also invites disease and death. Apart from mental breakdown and conditions, each year, more than 100 million animals die due to animal testing and medical training.

Business Factors 

Rats, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, and other animals become the victim of these medical testing. Animals are killed all over the world and the death rate of animals growing at a steady rate. Some kill them for the sake of business laboratories such as biological experiments, drug testing, food testing, and cosmetics testing. Animals’ trafficking happens across the globe for their scales, horns, teeth, etc. Though killing an animal for their parts has become illegal; still, there are many black markets for that. Animals like Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, Sea Turtles are poached worldwide for either a leisurely meal or cash. Poachers are the single biggest threat to this animal’s life.

Poaching has always been the highest illegal income for the world and an expensive way of boasting. Some business freaks happen to cross limits and act hideously to earn profit and fulfill their motives. These actions, directly and indirectly, affect the animals and their precious lives.
For example, to built buildings and offices or even to own a land entity, some businessmen cut down forests, leading to deforestation and disturbance to animals.

Premature Death Of Animal
Know The Death Rate Of Animals

Factors that continue to affect animals

Some prominent industrial businessmen would recklessly kill the animals to take over that place to build factories or leading housing societies in those places.
Above all, no one cares to go under these cases. Why would someone care? Only if Animals could speak and fight from humans for their rights. According to BBC, 2000 to 5000, healthy animals are killed in Europe annually. Being in surplus amount is the reason for their death. Just because the zoo can’t afford enough place for these animals or their birth control, they kill them. The government has the right to dismiss deforestation applications from such business people. If deforestation is to be carried, the animals’ safety should be made the priority, and they should be provided with homes and zoos to live.

Premature Death Of Animal
Know The Death Rate Of Animals


The government’s loose control over the animals’ protection service has caused many deaths. Measures of birth control and protection from diseases and health care facilities are necessary for animals. Extinction is not nature’s fault, but humans are responsible for that. There are few animal species which could have lived longer only if humans have cared a little more about their life than their own. Government initiative on animal living, health, and their laws can improve their condition. Proper actions can increase the life span of animals. Afforestation should be encouraged to at least provide these animals with home, If not health care. Animals are the unique children of nature who needs to be taken care of.

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