12 Cute and Friendliest Dog Breeds in the World

Friendliest Dog Breeds

It is said that dogs are fun-loving companions of human beings. There are lots of dog breeds known for their loyal, happy, and friendly nature. Their personalies are more social as compared to any other animal. If you are a pet lover, you must know the friendly nature of dogs around you.


Check out the list of friendliest Dog Breeds in the world.

Bull Dog

Bulldog is a fantastic and friendliest dog breeds in the world. Bulldogs are famous for their friendly nature, loyal companionship, and easygoing. Although they look grumpy at mess, they don’t need any maintenance. They can live everywhere you want, including the city, countryside, towns and other places. They become friends with everyone in no time. They need space for their activity, and you can do exercises with them as well. Bulldogs can adapt according to every environment, whether you live in an apartment or a big house.

Cavalier King Charles Spanie

This small cute dog is known for its adorable and friendly nature and called as friendliest dog breeds. You can see innocence in the eyes of Cavalier King Charles, and they are found loyal companions of humans. These cute dogs love to play with kids and are easy to train as well. They like sports activities and remain happy wherever you take them. They have peaceful and fun-loving nature with other pets as well. They are sensitive and need attention from their owner. They enjoy sports like hiking, flyball, running, and other activities.


Havanese is one of the most popular dog breeds with a friendly nature. These dogs have adaptable character and adorable personalizes. They love to meet new people and want their attention and hence the friendliest dog breed. They can easily live in any environment and considered city dogs because of their small size. Havanese requires exercise to stay happy and play an excellent role in being a good companion of family. They have a thick silky coat with an attractive personality. They remain peaceful with the family, and prolonged separation causes anxiety in these cute dogs.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a popular U.S dog breed. The golden dogs are loyal, fun-loving, and easy to train. These happy dogs love outdoor activities. They eagerly make a bond with family members and other pets. They are great family dogs who love to take part in kids’ activities and protect them and the friendliest dog breeds. Their intelligence and tolerance level are incomparable to others. They are very protective of kids and their owners. If you want to adopt a pet, then you must go for a golden retriever.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is another famous dog breed known for its friendly nature. These adorable dogs are of small size and are found in Spain. They are cheerful and fun-loving andthe friendliest dog breeds. Their black eyes with a fluffy coat are a treat to watch. They often look like a toy and make your child happy. They are playful, loyal, and intelligent at the same time. These dogs easily dwell in any houses and apartments. The adorable Bichon loves to grab the attention of their master with their innocent gestures. They are friendly with every house member.

Bichon Frise

Beagles are another friendliest dog breeds found in Great Britain. They have an excellent smelling instinct and love to protect their house. They are loyal and friendly with everyone around them. They are straight forward and bred as hunting dogs as well. These family dogs are very active and require lots of playtime and attention. They are social and gentle at the same time. They can make strong bonding with family members of the house.

Irish Setters

Irish Setters are beautiful dogs, friendliest dog breeds, and they are famous for their excellent temperament. They are active, lively, and enthusiastic in their behavior. They make a good setting with every family member and want to be with them every time. They are also friendly with other pets in the house. They are very kind and affectionate with their owner. This dog breed comes from native Ireland and is known for its high energy levels. They are mischievous and friendly.


Poodle is an exceptionally friendliest dog breeds known for its loving nature. These cute dogs are easy to train and love to take part in outdoor activities. Sometimes, they become attention seekers and also make you smile with their mischievous activities. They are very obedient and super friendly with kids and adults. If you want to own cute dog then Poodle is perfect choice.


Boxers are intelligent dogs, and they love to play with kids around them. This dog breed is very friendly with the kids. These are known as watchdogs because of their serious nature, but they are playful as well. They have lots of energy to play in the house and hence are among friendliest dog breeds.  Boxers, the friendliest dog breeds, are easy to train, and they never miss an opportunity to play with kids.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is famous for its exceptional qualities like a show dog, guide dog, family dog, and sniffer dog. They are excellent family dogs known for their playful nature to be considered as friendliest dog breeds. They make a strong bond with their master and remain comfortable with the entire family. You can take them with you for swimming, running, walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They can be trained as they are good learners. They smoothly learn commands. Their intelligence and inquisitive nature are exceptional.

Collies are lovely, gentle, and friendly with everyone. They are known for their protective nature. The exceptional quality of Collies is that they learn so quickly. They are very caring dogs and love to be with the family every time. They remain quiet most of the time. They are gentle with children and like to play with them as well. They are highly adaptable and loyal dogs.

Pugs cannot be excluded from the list due to their friendly nature. They originated in China and have cute personalities. Their masters love the charming personality and quiet character. They love to be surrounded by people and play with children as well. Despite their small size, their temperament level is unmatchable. They are proved to be good companions.

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