Endangered Animals: Know Which Are Those!

Animals that are endangered

Human beings, since the time they have taken over this planet, have left no stone unturned in troubling the animals, which is the major cause in rising of endangered animals.. We disturb their natural habitat and practice various illegal activities such as poaching, hunting, killing them for our purpose, and so on. Some animals have still managed to exist despite being murdered on such a large scale. However, some of them that we’re already a few in number have vanished. Many of them are now very less in number. Here we have a list of some endangered animals that are on the verge of extinction.

  • Orangutan- this species is declared as endangered animals by the IUCN as almost an entire population of them has been lost in the last 75 years. They share their genetic properties with humans and even have the ability to mimic and laugh the way we do. No doubt, they are being used for various scientific researches limiting their number to a handful.
  • One-horned Rhino- illegal poaching and hunting of this magnificent creature have led to the extinction of the one-horned rhino. These rhinos have always had a significant effect on the preservation of the ecosystem, and the loss of these rhinos would disturb the entire balance. Most of the species are dependent upon them.
Animals that are endangered
Endangered animals

Other Endangered Animals That Are In Danger:

  • Giant tortoise- This animal is now on the verge of being an endangered animal because of the inadequate breeding conditions in which they prevail. Their improper diet is also one of the causes of the same. It is vital to protect them as they are very limited in number.
  • Red pandas- They are primarily found in the eastern Himalayas and are very rare. People hunt these pandas because of the high demand for their fur. Also, the destruction of their natural habitats has led to their extinction. If we do not take care, then they might end.
  • African elephant- It is one of the largest living land mammals, and as the name suggests, you can find them in the forests of Africa. Overpopulation of human beings has led to the disruption of their natural surroundings. Their conservation is significant because a large number of species depend upon them for their survival.
  • Great white shark- These sharks exist in the waters and coastal areas of the United States. poachers often poach these sharks for their teeth and fins. These sharks have disappeared, and a minimal number of them is left now. Their extinction has dramatically affected other fish in the coastal areas as well.
Animals that are endangered
Animals that are endangered

How To Stop This Menace?

It is the urgent need of the hour to stop this menace and preserve our animals from getting extinct. Deforestation needs to stop. Depriving the animals of their natural habitats is the worst we can do to them. When they are devoid of all the food and water they require, their death is inevitable. We need to understand the entire human population depends on the existence of these animals. Harming them leads to our end as well. Hunting and poaching need to ban, and governments should put such people behind bars. Only then can we stop this menace and must stop to getting more endangered animals!

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