Antarctica The Mysterious Island And The 3 Rare Animals

The Mysterious Island Called "Antarctica"

Antarctica is the Earth’s southernmost and fifth-largest continent in the world. Also, it is most commonly called as the continent of science. Moreover, it hosts a fantastic range of bird and animal life. It holds the title that it is the coldest place on Earth. Due to extensive ice covers and strong cold winds, you will be able to find only a minimal range of animals. Because of the lack of winter sunlight, many species cannot be seen either available.
Animals here still thrive on managing themselves for a specific time of the year.

The Mysterious Island Called "Antarctica"
The Mysterious Island Called “Antarctica”

Most of us would love to spend at least one holiday season at an island because of the sizzling beach-side view. However, the island that we are going to discuss is not an island for your holiday season. Antarctica is one of the mysterious continent in the world where humans cannot stay. Moreover, it is the most significant island which is surrounded by ice.

Top 3 Amazing Antarctica Animals

South Polar Skua

It is the greyish brown color sea bird which is bulky and has broad wings. These birds breed mostly on the Antarctic coast. However, they live in the open sea areas and grow up to 21 inches. The nature of the bird is that they maintain the same nest and mates. They make their nest close to the penguin colonies so that getting food is much more comfortable. There full-time favorite food are fishes, and it is their leading food which they eat regularly.

Dusky Dolphin

Dolphins are mostly found in the Antarctica southern hemisphere region. Usually you can find dolphins only in the coolest place so they choose this place because it is the coolest place on the earth. The dusky dolphins are the smallest among 33 species of dolphins. Since they have a smoother body, it will be able to glide smoothly in the ocean water.

Moreover, it travels a long distance in the ocean for food and specially migrates at night time. It is called the social animal because these are mostly found in groups ranging around 20 to 25. The specialty is that, like the other dolphins, even these dusky dolphins’ whistles to communicate with each other.

The Mysterious Island Called "Antarctica"
The Mysterious Island Called “Antarctica”

Crab Eater Seal

These species spend their life-span in the ice-packed zone called Antarctica. It is found in the southern region and has a population of about 15 million. During the expansion and contraction of the ice-packs, they travel long distances. Also, they breed on ice and feed on krills. And they have the capacity of diving to the depth of around 250 meters.

The Mysterious Island Called "Antarctica"
The Mysterious Island Called “Antarctica”


Antarctica animals are stunning and, as usual, amazing to watch. Overall, here you will find only particular animals that can survive and thrive. Moreover, it is worth visiting the place because you will discover rarest animals on Earth. even your kids will enjoy the place and it will be the most memorable moment in their life time.So, now you can start to plan your vacation to Antarctica and enjoy seeing the incredible animals.

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