10 Simple Ways to Help Stray Animals

Help Stray Animals

Pet organizations across the globe plan to come together as one on August 20 of this year to spread the word regarding the ongoing struggle of homeless animals.

Since the introduction of the International Society for Animal Rights concept in the year 1992, observances for International Homeless Animals Day have brought light to the manners in which society can curb this plight affecting cats, dogs, and other creatures.


In honor of this day, below is a list of the top 10 ways to help stray animals in your local community.

Donate to your nearest shelter

Every penny in the jar counts when caring for cats, dogs, and various other animals at a rescue group or animal shelter and to help stray animals. Make a contribution at a local adoption event or through the group’s website. A staggering number of companies will match close to or equivalent to their employee’s contributions, which further stretch one’s charity money.

Round purchases at the pet shop

Several pet chains provide customers with the ability to “round up” their purchase at a register, an opportunity to donate an extra few cents to the various welfare organizations that exist in their area. Consider donating this additional change during the next trip to supplies for your favorite pet, as even the smallest contribution counts! to help stray animals.

Donate supplies to rescue groups and shelter

If your budget does not permit cash donations, take a moment to look around your living space. Before tossing an off-color towel or torn blanket, consider asking the local animal shelter if they would appreciate having it to help stray animals.

Shelters utilize towels and blankets in enclosures and kennels to provide snugger, more comfortable spots for animals to rest and sleep and to help stray animals. Furthermore, the local shelter may welcome donations of toys, food, and other kinds of pet supplies.

Volunteer your set of skills

When visiting a local animal shelter to drop off supplies, ask staffers if they can make use of your talents and time to help stray animals. For example, are you experienced with accounting? Perhaps you can take an evening or afternoon off once per week to balance the shelter books.

Do you have experience with web design? In that case, you can update the shelter site to assist potential owners in discovering more about adopting an animal.

Volunteer time

Simply, providing an extra pair of hands to fill food bowls, providing freshwater or cleaning enclosures may make all the difference to a local rescue group. Additionally, the shelter may have other support necessities such as grooming, socializing, or walking with the animals to help stray animals.

Become a foster parent

If one’s schedule fails to allow work within a local shelter itself, it’s still very possible to assist from home. A number of shelters have far more animals than space, and as such, they rely on willing volunteers to foster animals until permanent homes are established for them.

By providing this foster environment, you can help adoptable creatures adapt themselves to daily household routines and get along with children, other animals, and general people of all age groups and help stray animals. Such a process helps in making a homeless dog or cat much more appealing to potential owners.

It can be extremely difficult to bid farewell to animals that you’ve been taking care of once finding them a permanent home and no longer need to provide said care. However, the good news is that by being their temporary home, the animal received a second chance at life. Fostering animals is an extraordinary commitment, so it is not an endeavor to take on lightly.

Assist at adoption events

Foster pets will take the stage at adoption events that are typically organized by local shelters. As a parent bringing the animals to such an event, it is recommended to help the staff directly. You can help keep the creatures calm by talking and petting them. Also, you have the opportunity to answer questions regarding the personalities and temperaments of the adoptable animals to help stray animals. Ask a staff member how much you can help at future events!

While it’s likely a better idea to assist at an established rescue group, you can, if a student, can ask a teacher or principal if you can lead donation drives at school for animal shelters. You, your friends, and parents can write a letter telling school officials the manner in which you plan to see the initiative through and why it’s necessary to collect items that such animals need, like food, beds, toys, blankets, and leashes to help stray animals.

Encourage family and friends to adopt pets from a rescue group or shelter

Upon discovering the dates for an upcoming adoption event sponsored by a local shelter, don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to attend. Better yet, if you know someone that wants to add a new pet to their home, encourage them to bypass a breeder and adopt a homeless animal instead.

Share on social media

Local shelters like to have websites with dozens of adoptable friends. Share links on social media networks. In the event that you know an individual looking for a new companion to help stray animals, it is recommended to encourage them to visit the website of a nearby shelter.

Reposting profiles of those homeless animals that you witness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms as you never know which of your friends or followers have the home and heart to welcome adoptable animals.

Neuter or spay pets that you own

Lastly, you are able to help stray animals that are homeless by not adding to the population of homeless animals. By ensuring your own pets are neutered or spayed, you commit to their health as well as care giving for the duration of their existence.

Teaching others how important it is to commit to this act is just as critical. For instance, over 70,000 unforeseen kittens and puppies are born in the United States daily, and neutering and spaying them can assist in ending the homeless crisis.

Best of luck!

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