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About Our Work

We devote our lives and resources to saving animals and saving our beautiful planet. There is a lot of mistreatment in this world to animals, whether it’s human err, deliberate harm, unecological behavior and more. In our website you will find our blog. In our blog we talk about things that matter:  near extinction animals and how to help them, how to treat your pets correctly and how to understand them, and even general animal facts, information etc.

Other things you can find in our website is our store and donate section. If you’re enjoying our content and feel that it’s helpful to you and you  want to help us out so we could publish more content and continue with our mission you can either donate to us a small amount that you’re willing to give. Or you can buy something from our custom made store. We offer various cool products so please check them out as well. You can contact us on any issue, question, etc. You can find the full contact info in our contact page. To learn even more about us, check our about page.

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